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What is Rife Therapy?

Rife Therapy refers to a particular area of complementary health treatment that falls under the broad heading of electrotherapy. Rife therapy is undertaken with the use of special electronic devices that produce low voltage frequencies to assist in the treatment of infections and illnesses and other health problems. The proponents of Rife therapy believe that these frequencies are able to paralyse or destroy viruses, bacteria and parasites in the body. There are various devices that operate on the basic Rife electrical frequency principle and, broadly speaking, they can be categorised as follows:

  1. Rife Plasma Ray Tube device – these instruments try to replicate the frequency instruments that Rife designed and built in the early 1930’s and that he used in his experiments. The desired frequency is produced by an oscillator. The frequency is then modulated onto a radio frequency carrier wave. The output from the final RF amplifier stage is connected through a suitable impedance matching circuit to an inert gas filled plasma ray tube. When placed next to a patient, the ray tube transmits the frequencies into the body. A number of variations of this design have been tried although the basic concept is always the same.

  2. Rife-Crane Contact Pad device – these instruments are the development of the frequency instruments that John Crane designed and built in the late 1950’s. Their main difference is in the way that the frequencies are transmitted into the body. These devices use contact pads or hand held electrodes instead of a plasma ray tube. Currently, this type of Rife instrument is the type most commonly found. These instruments vary from very simple frequency generators to sophisticated multi-function instruments and some instruments also have the capability to apply their "basic" frequency onto a carrier wave, similar to the ray tube device.

There is some debate among Rife therapy researchers as to which type of Rife device gives the best results. Generally, all modern day Rife devices produce and use the same “healing frequencies” although the method of getting the frequency into the body differs. There are also other variations such as the type of waveform used, pulsing or continuous frequencies, AC or DC current and so on, that a particular type of Rife device may or may not have. Users of all of the above mentioned devices claim varying degrees of success in the treatment of various ailments and there are now many anecdotes on the Internet that describe these success stories. I personally own & use two different makes of Rife instrument that produce frequencies that are transmitted through the body via hand held electrodes and contact pads under the feet. I also have a Bob Beck device and a BEMER.

It would be true to state that Rife instruments have been extremely useful in the control and management of many illnesses, including many serious ones that haven't responded to conventional treatments. But we are not yet able to say that these devices are a cure for any specific disease. Therefore, until proper clinical trials have been done and more evidence has been collected, it would be misleading to claim that Rife Therapy represents an absolute cure for cancer or any other illness.

Who Invented the Rife Frequency Instrument?

A scientist, inventor and optical engineer named Royal Raymond Rife was the first person to witness, through a special microscope, viruses and bacteria being destroyed by electrical frequencies. Rife experimented with all kinds of frequencies and methods, using equipment that he designed and assembled, until he was able to destroy these microbes. Subsequently, various other people became involved with Rife instruments and developed Rife treatment to the extent that it exists today. Detailed information and history regarding Rife and Rife Frequency Instruments can be found elsewhere on this website. The popular British electronics magazine "Everyday Practical Electronics" published a special supplement with their April 2001 edition titled The End to All Disease that was researched and written by Aubrey Scoon. This article gives an excellent brief account of the life and work of Royal Raymond Rife, including a very interesting hypothesis of why Electrotherapy works. Reading of this article is highly recommended. Today, the advance of electronics has enabled similar results to be achieved by different means and so our current modern day instruments do not work in exactly the same way as Rife’s did. It has still not been possible to exactly replicate the work that Rife did and so research still carries on. Many theories are being put forward as to how and why Rife treatment works. Nevertheless, it is now commonly accepted that Electrotherapy has a curative effect on the human body and can beneficially aid people affected with various illnesses.

Why do so few people know about Rife Therapy?

It has not been in the interests of the conventional medical establishment to allow knowledge of Rife therapy to become widely known because disease is especially profitable for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Rife therapy could replace medicines and pharmaceutical companies would loose millions of dollars in revenue and much of the earnings of the high cost specialist healthcare industry would disappear overnight. Since about 1939, the conventional medical industry managed to cover-up and suppress details of Rife treatment from the eye of the general public until about the mid 1970’s. Then a whole series of events and co-incidences occurred that brought Rife's inventions back from obscurity.

Christopher Bird was a scientific journalist and his special field of interest was the world of unconventional scientific phenomena. Bird had come across a stunning article that was printed in two 1944 science journals: The Journal of the Smithsonian Institute and the Journal of the Franklin Institute. The article, titled "The New Microscopes", gave a detailed account of the work of the eccentric genius, Royal Raymond Rife. Bird embarked on some research to try to find out more about the microscopes. Then one day, while waiting for some material to come up from the cellar stacks of the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda Maryland, and considerably frustrated by the lack of leads and data concerning the demise of the Rife microscope, Bird accidently stumbled upon what looked to be only one of a series of reports written by Rife. Fourteen pages long, it was titled “Allied Industries - History of the Development of a Successful Treatment for Cancer and Other Virus, Bacteria and Fungi, Report No. DEV–1042, 1 December 1953, written by Dr. R. R. Rife". The report was approved and signed by J. F. Crane, manager; Don Tully, development associate; and Verne Thompson, chief electrical engineer. The contents of this report so riveted his attention that he was compelled to explore some of the history of microbiology and its connection to cancer and other diseases. In March 1976, the New Age Journal published an article with the results of Bird's research titled What Has Become of the Rife Microscope?

In 1947, a young student of pathology, John Hubbard, keeping up with current advancements in the tools of his chosen field, was thumbing through a copy of the Journal of the Smithsonian Institute when he came upon an article titled "The New Microscopes." In astonishment, he read about Rife's instrument and the amazing things it could do. So he began to follow up in earnest. He sent letters to everyone he could think of: the Royal Rife in the article of course, it's authors, and any other names or places mentioned in the text. He sent letters to all the optical companies: Leitz, Zeiss, American Optical etc... asking if they had any information on this microscope. Unfortunately, it was a fruitless effort. Most of the correspondence went unanswered. Nobody seemed to know anything about the Rife microscope and those that surely did weren't talking. So the microscope and its inventor remained elusive to the young Hubbard and he was forced to abandon his search.

Almost thirty years later, the inquisitive young student had matured into a tenured Professor of Pathology at New York University in Buffalo. It was in the mid-1970's that Professor Hubbard regained the scent from a long lost trail. He happened to read Christopher Bird's article while browsing a magazine rack. Hubbard's fascination with Rife and his super-microscopes had not abated, but Bird's article acted as an accelerant. Armed with new information, the Professor was on the hunt again. He contacted Christopher Bird, who was himself still immersed in his own quest for Rife artifacts while following-up on his own article. In fact, Bird had tracked down the whereabouts of John Crane. By lucky coincidence, Bird was looking for an expert in microscopy and pathology to help him assess the instruments that Crane said were in his possession. Their quests merged and soon Hubbard and Bird were working together in an investigative capacity, determined to unearth, examine, and if possible, obtain a Rife Microscope (to satisfy Hubbard) and a Beam Ray Machine (to satisfy Bird)... and, the whole story on this crazy Rife affair, (to satisfy both of them). From John Crane they obtained a list of about a dozen names with some contact information: people who were still alive that knew or worked with Rife. They went to San Diego, Chicago, England, and Los Angeles, anywhere that the information led. It was an interview process that lasted years, predominantly conducted by Professor Hubbard, and one which, thankfully, he recorded.

Nearly 10 years later, a journalist named Barry Lynes happened to read Bird's New Age Journal article. The story caught his attention and in February 1986 he wrote an article titled How the Cure for Cancer was Covered Up - Treatment suppressed since 1930’s in a Washington D.C. newspaper called The Planet. The newspaper was delivered to every member of the U.S. House of Representatives and to every member of the United States Senate. Not one representative, senator or staff assistant was motiviated sufficiently to investigate further. The newspaper was also provided free to the George Washington University Medical School students and professors. Again, not one was motivated to investigate further. Lynes was astounded by the total lack of response from government officials and the medical establishment. Lynes then decided to write a book to expose the Rife story. Lynes tracked down John Crane and persuaded Crane to assist him with the book by providing all the information that Crane possessed about Rife's work. In April 1987, Lynes published his book titled The Rife Report: The Cancer Cure that Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression. This was the first detailed exposure of Rife's work to the wider public.

Fortunately, a few doctors, scientists and engineers were inspired by the book and worked together to reconstruct and resurrect Rife's technology. The potential of Rife therapy as a low cost and safe healing method was quickly appreciated by alternative health practitioners and much experimentation was started. Like Rife, these researchers also experienced a lot of resistance to what they were trying to achieve. Again the conventional medical industry tried to dismiss Rife treatment as “quackery”. However, the modern day pioneers persisted with their efforts, convinced that the technology had merit and eventually they were rewarded with the achievement of success in reproducing some of Rife's results.

But if an instrument to cure diseases and illnesses actually exists, then why haven't you heard of it?  And why hasn't your doctor said anything about it?

Firstly, because in many countries doctors can't use it until it's FDA approved. You can only use it yourself to investigate its effects on an experimental basis. Secondly, until it's FDA approved, it's illegal in the USA for doctors or anyone selling a product to tell you that it cures anything. Even if medical studies can show that a product cures something, those who say so without FDA approval can be charged with making "fraudulent medical claims" and "mislabelling". Look at a letter from the FDA to Lin Kenny regarding a Rife device that his company was marketing. Well, then why not get FDA approval for this therapy? Because the cost of bringing a new product up to FDA approval will set you back many millions of dollars. The cost of "proving" and "approving" anything medical in the USA is prohibitive, unless you are a large and wealthy company. This way, the system guarantees that the pharmaceutical interests (who have the money) will stay in control of medicine. It also means that the individuals who manage the FDA will have a good job with the corporations...well, with the people they "worked for" already, when they retire. So unless you have millions of dollars to spend to licence and approve a Rife machine, the rules are rigged to maintain a monopoly on health care in favour of the drug industry. It is often pointed out that proper medical research has never been done on Rife treatment and therefore any claims made that people have had beneficial results cannot be believed. Medical literature is full of cases of so-called "double-blind" clinical research trials, but many of these trials are rigged and the results are often distorted to suit the vested corporate interests involved.

The only requirement should be for a medicine or device to prove that it is safe. If it is safe, THEN it should be approved for use. As to its effectiveness, WHO CARES? Really, who cares if it works? If it doesn't work, it won't be around for very long. If it does work, everyone will be using it. This is the secret to Chinese Medicine. It's been around so long, it does not need to be tested by us (though we do because this is our paranoia). It doesn't need to be tested because anything that has been around for 4,000 years MUST work. Throughout history, if something didn't work we got rid of it. If it did work, we kept it. If something works better, we drop the old and take up the new. Just like the pharmaceutical industry - they are continuously bringing out new drugs because we keep finding that the old ones do not work very well.

The Situation Today

Many medical doctors all over the world are slowly making the paradigm shift to accept more natural healing methods. Homeopathic medicine, vitamins, herbs, nutrition and Rife therapy are slowly being acknowledged to have an important part to play in the curing of illnesses. In South Africa, where standards of medical proficiency is high, more than 30 medical practitioners are now applying Rife therapy openly in their practices. Internationally, Rife treatment is slowly gaining acceptance by orthodox trained medical doctors who are becoming interested in the benefits of Rife therapy. Whereas Rife resonance therapy in the USA is restricted to private researchers and is not allowed to be used in medical clinics, the situation in Europe is somewhat different. There are a number of doctors and clinics in Europe openly using the Rife method for treating patients for cancer and many other diseases, although the medical establishment is generally not aware that Rife discovered this treatment. As long as the equipment meets the European Medical CE requirements and has been issued with the appropriate certificate, any electrotherapy device can be legally sold and used by the medical profession. This certification can be obtained fairly easily, unlike in the USA where official FDA approval is extremely costly and difficult to achieve. Serious research work into Rife therapy has been performed by Prof. Andras Szasz in Hungary and this has led to the development of the Onco-Therm equipment which implements a "Rife" like protocol as part of a comprehensive treatment for cancer. There are many other companies who have developed and market similar frequency therapy devices that are fully certified (medical CE certification) for use in Europe.

In the final analysis, the only real way to determine if such a revolutionary therapy works is to experience it yourself. As long as FDA and other regulatory and licensing procedures and guidelines are observed, it is your privilege to experiment with this therapy. Read what Tommy Cichanowski has to say in his article Fighting Disease.

Does Rife Therapy have any side effects?

Generally, Rife therapy has no side effects, but some people may experience some physical reactions during and after their first few Rife sessions. This is commonly known as the Herxheimer Reaction. This reaction can occur during a session and up to 24 hours after a session. A person could experience flu or cold type symptoms, tingling sensations, itchiness, dizziness or, in rare cases, slight physical discomfort. The reason for this is as follows. If a person has an infection, the body would contain a high quantity of pathogenic bacteria. When the person receives Rife therapy, these bacteria are immediately destroyed. The bacteria debris becomes a toxin in the body and this causes some people to experience the side effects mentioned previously. In order to assist the body to flush these toxins out of the body, it is highly recommended that anyone under-going Rife therapy drinks up to 4 to 6 glasses of pure water after completing a Rife session. Otherwise, most people find Rife therapy to be very relaxing and a great stress reliever and often fall asleep during a Rife session.

All serious Rife researchers recommend that a person should seek professional medical advice and have a proper diagnosis made before considering any form of Rife treatment. To prevent the possibility of re-infection by any remaining viruses, bacteria or parasites when treating for a particular ailment, Rife treatment should be done at least 2 to 3 times per week until a person’s immune system is strong enough to cope with the pathogen on its own. In addition, it is always advisable to supplement Rife therapy with other health improvement protocols. The other part of complementary health treatment is to strengthen the body's immune system with the correct nutrition. A patient must be advised to take nutritional supplements and be provided with a suitable dietary plan to assist with the restoration to good health. Read the Introduction to "The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing" a book written by Nina Silver to hear how she discovered Rife therapy and why a proper holistic "healing plan" must be devised to treat any illness.

One day, the name of Royal Raymond Rife will ascend to its rightful place in the anals of the history of medical science. Until that time, only the people who have the interest to seek out a better way to treat illnesses and the courage and open mind to try it, will benefit from his fabulous technology.

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