Ladies And Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen

Documentary by Don Owen and Donald Brittain, and written by Brittain. Produced by John Kemeny for the National Film Board of Canada 44:00 AVI 719M


CBC - This Hour Has Seven Days

Interview about Beautiful Losers, hosted by Sheryl Fox (black & white). 9:42 DVD26/4; PM4 82M

1 May 1966

CBC - Take 30 with Adrienne Clarkson

Interview about Beautiful Losers- The Stranger Song (black & white) 26:41 DVD26/1; MP4 229M

23 May 1966

Angel - short film

by Derek May for NFBC, featuring and music by Leonard Cohen, played by The Stormy Clovers
6:58 MP4 25M YouTube


The Ernie Game - film

by Don Owen for CBC/NFBC, The Stranger Song played by Leonard Cohen at a party
4:16 MP4 6M YouTube


Poem - film

by Josef Reeve for NFCB, "Leonard Cohen reads and re-reads a prose poem from his novel "Beautiful Losers" as diverse photographs flash by, juxtaposing word and image for a different effect each time". 4:30 MP4 14M YouTube


B.O.N.Y. (Boys of New York) - film

by Gregg Barrios around Andy Warhol Factory with Gerard Malanga, Rene Ricard, Ivy Nicholson (Vogue model) and Leonard Cohen (singer). ¿?


CBS Camera Three Television Show

"The program ran for 30 minutes. One unique thing about the program was that it contained a performance by Cohen of the song "God is Alive, Magic is Afoot"" ¿?


Live Once More With Julie Felix

The Stranger Song - Hey, That's no Way To Say Goodbye (Julie Felix) BBC PRIME
9:68 DVD1; MP4 119M


Olympia - Paris

The Partisan - Lady Midnight - Tonight Will Be Fine (fragments)
3:10 MP4 30M re-reversed from: YouTube; The Partisan 4:09 MP4 39M YouTube

12 May 1970

Arpèges sur Joe Dassin

The Partisan - Regina, live studio, French TV 7:59 DVD18_1; MP4 150M

13 May 1970

Live At the Isle Of Wight

Live concert, documentary, Official DVD 1:19:35

31 Aug. 1970

McCabe and Mrs. Miller - film

by Robert Altman, soundtrack: The Stranger Song, Sisters of Mercy & Winter Lady
1:56:02 MP4 935M


Dynamite Chicken - film

Cohen reading What am I doing Here from Flowers for Hitler 1:09 MP4 3M YouTube


Bird On a Wire

Film documentary 1974 84:30; Remastered (VOSC) 2010 1:45:24

tour 1972

M6 Culture Rock

Lover Lover Lover, French TV 1:53; DVD18_8; MP4 40M French subtitles

May 1974

Judy Collins show Soundstage

Hey, That's no Way To Say Goodbye - Suzanne (Judy Collins) - The Stranger Song, on PBS TV
14:42 DVD17; MP4 218M

Feb. 1976

Le Grand Echiquier - French TV

presented by Jacques Chancel; interview in French 2:36 MP4 27M YouTube, Bird on The Wire,
Lover Lover Lover 4:42 MP4 12M YouTube, Suzanne.

27 May 1976

Radio Television Suisse (RTS)

Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye 3:07 MP4 9M YouTube

1 July 1976

Live in Arena, Vienna

Un As Der Rebbe Zingt - video audience 2:52 MP4 14M YouTube

4 July 1976

CBC Authors Ottawa

Inteview by Patrick Watson (literary TV program) aired 8 Feb. 1980 31:59 DVD26/3; MP4 275M

23 Feb. 1979

Live in Germany

Concert in ZDF Studios, television broadcast, Rock-Pop Special 43:35 DVD2; MP4 367M

31 Oct. 1979

The Song Of Leonard Cohen

Film documentary by Harry Rasky - 1980, 1:27:00 DVD2 - MP4 883M

tour 1979

CBC Take 30

Inteview Hana Gartner 6:27 DVD26/8; MP4 55M

27 Mar. 1980


unknown concert 3:22 MP4 6M YouTube


I Am A Hotel

TV Canada, Blue Memorial Video; The Guests - Memories - The Gypsy's Wife - Chelsea Hotel #2 Suzanne - The Guests (credits) 24:55 DVD4; MP4 212M


Dance Me To The End Of Love

Promotional Video by Dominique Issermann 4:55; DVD4; MP4 42M



German TV ZDF studio, playback 4:11; MP4 11M , Spanish subtitled YouTube

Feb. 1985

Halleluja in Moll
Documental - German TV ZDF

by Georg Stefan Troller (Interview in Germany), ZDF TV studio: playback Hallelujah, Berlin Wall, Band rehearsal (NYC 7 Jan.), Berlin Concert at ICC (Feb. 3), Paris
Broadcasted on 9 Sept. YouTube by messalina79 > 29:59; MP4 83M

Feb. 1985

Live in Copenhagen

broadcast on Danish TV, seven songs YouTube > 43:09 MP4 212M

9 Feb. 1985

The law - RTS

Radio Télévision Suisse, Midi Public, Interview in French 5:33 MP4 83M YouTube


Warsaw 1985

Live concert, Poland - Sala Kongresowa, Live concert ZDF 2:00:00; DVD14 & DVD15; MP4 2398M

22 Mar. 1985

The Midday Show - Australian TV

Coming back to you - Interview with Ray Martin14:14 DVD17 3/4; MP4 78M + 90M

24 May 1985

Kalvoya Festival

Oslo at Kalvøyafestivalen, Norway; 25:56 MP4 424M YouTube

30 Jun. 1985

Guehenno, France
Elixier Festival

Two news clips with segments of: Dance Me To The End Of Love 1:46 MP4 7M YouTube and
Passin' Through 3:16 MP4 31M

13 July 1985

Leonard Cohen is Francois Zolan

TV serie, Miami Vice. Episode: French Twist (LC guest star)
1:57 MP4 14M scene; 46:33 MP4 359M episode

USA 1986

Take This Waltz

Promotional Video filmed in Granada for tribute LP "Poets In New York" 4:11 MP4 21M


First We Take Manhattan

Promotional Video - Jennifer Warnes with Cohen by Paula Walker, NYC Brooklyn Bridge
3:34 MP4 9M


First We Take Manhattan

From A Moving Picture - NFBC/CBC by Jurgen Lutz (song with earlier lyric)
6:35 MP4 20M


First We Take Manhattan

"Thierry Ardisson talks with Dominique Isserman and Leonard Cohen who collaborate together on the singer's music videos" in French. 5:20 MP4 14M

11 Dec. 1987

First We Take Manhattan

Promotional Video by Dominique Isserman. 5:59 MP4 52M

Jan. 1988

Then We Take Trouville

Making Of promotional video First We Take Manhattan by François Goizé, video music performed by Joe Cocker that features lots of shots of Cohen and Dominique Issermann making a film in the rain.
3:41 MP4 23M

Jan. 1988

First We Take Manhattan

Swedish TV - Kulturen, playback with two girls, "Leonard Cohen tillsammans med Candy McKenzie och Rebecca Leiwith" 5:50 MP4 15M

14 Febr.1988

First We Take Manhattan

German TV, playback with two girls (sub. in German) 5:41 MP4 16M YouTube

17 Febr.1988

First We Take Manhattan

French TV - A La Folie, playback with two girls (sub. in French) - interview in French
17:48 DVD18_3; MP4 168M

21 Febr.1988

First We Take Manhattan

French TV ¿?, playback with two girls (sub. in French) 5:50 DVD18_2; MP4 55M

21 Febr.1988

Cannal +

French TV - Magazine "Rapido" interview in French 3:23 DVD18_4; MP4 72M

21 Febr.1988

First We Take Manhattan

French TV La Haye D'Honneur, playback with two girls (sub. in French) 6:23 DVD18_5; MP4 136M

21 Febr.1988

First We Take Manhattan - Take This Waltz - Ain't No Cure for Love

Spanish TV, TVE Sabado Noche, playback with two girls (sub. in Spanish)
17:06 MP4 56M YouTube

27 Febr.1988

Konserthuset - Take This Waltz

Concert and interview by Vera Kvaal, Konserthuset, Oslo, Norway, NRK1 48:59 DVD16; MP4 415M

1 May 1988

Música Golfa

Spanish TV, TVE San Sebastián, Interview by Beatriz Pecker 10:00 MP4 83M

20 May 1988

San Sebastian

Live concert TVE broadcast by Eduardo Stern 114:00 VHS TVE -> DVD3 -> MP4 985M

20 May 1988

Antenne 2 France

Interview by Patrick Willard, Guillaume Durand 1:54 DVD18_6; MP4 40M

24 May 1988

TV3 Telenoticies

Catalan TV, First We Take Manhattan (part) taked from the Barcelona concert May 24, mid-day news 1:20 TV broadcast VHS -> DVD -> MP4 11M

25 May 1988

TV3 Crònica

Interview by Vicenç Villatoro: Leonard Cohen lluny dels seixanta (in Catalan)
19:48 TV broadcast VHS -> DVD -> MP4 167M

27 May 1988


Interview mid-day news promoting the Paris concerts Jean-Pierre Pernod
2:21 DVD18_7; MP4 50M

27 May 1988

The Prince's Trust Rock Gala

Introduction - Tower of Song, Concert in Albert Hall. 5:54 MP4 28M

5 Jun. 1988

Hydra, Marianne's Desk

Leonard Cohen in Greece - with Perla, Julie and Bob Metzger (in German) 10:32 MP4 20M YouTube

Jun. 1988

Med nöje på Dalarö

Jacob's Backstage - Tower of Song YouTube - I'm Your Man YouTube , Swedish TV Stockholm, Sweden, playback with Perla and Julie 8:36; M4 34M (June 29/30, 1988)

30 Jun. 1988

Live Fra Roskilde Festival '88

TV2 Denmark - six songs, YouTube a1000kissesdeep > 36:56 MP4 347M

2 July 1988

Austin City Limits 1988

Live concert, Texas, USA, TV studio 9 songs 54:03 DVD5; MP4 553M

31 Oct. 1988

Songs From The Life Of L. Cohen

Film documentary by Bob Portway 1:10:26 AVI 6615M; VIDEO VHS of TV3

tour 1988

Sunday Night - Night Music

Tower of song 5:43 DVD17; MP4 49M - Who by fire, with Sonny Rollins 6:44 DVD17; MP4 57M

13 Feb. 1989

Adrienne Clarkson's Summer Festival

CBC - Documental and interview by Adrienne Clarkson VideoCD1; 48:41 MP4 143M

21 Sept 1989

A portrait of the first person

The Originals CBC - Interview with Jim Hanley, 23:48 DVD17; MP4 202M

3 Dec. 1989

"Beautiful Losers" on Theatre Centre

FAX, news, report by Glen Baxter 2:42 DVD17; MP4 23M


JUNO Hall of Fame

JUNO Awards - Vancouver, Canada, Moses Znaimer, Suzanne Vega (Who by fire), Aaron Neville (Bird on a wire) and Jennifer Warnes (Joan of Arc) 26:25 MP4 112M YouTube

March 1991

International Festival of Authors

Much Music, Toronto, Leonard Cohen sings the Chiquita Banana Song to Irving Layton
0:25 MP4 1M YouTube

Oct. 1991

Tributo a Leonard Cohen

TVE (TV2): promoting Tower of Song, Spanish, Videos, interviews with Leonard Cohen - Elton John - Bono - Jann Arden - Sting - Billy Joel - Suzanne Vega - Peter Gabriel - Kelley Lynch
VOSE 19:03 DVD8; MP4 403M


Megamix - Network M6, France

Documental, interview in Paris. Ian Mc Culloch (Lover, Lover, Lover) and Christian Fevret explains the 1991 tribute LP I'm your Fan (sub. in French). 15:46 MP4 146M


Closing Time

Promotional Video by Curtis Wehrfritz at the Matador Club Country Music in Toronto
5:56 DVD8; MP4 28M
; Catalan subtitles: 5:53 MP4 124M

30 Nov. 1992

Culture Rock

Network M6 France - Interview, Videos 1970 1976 1985 24:09 DVD18_11; MP4 518M


Le Cercle de minuit

France 2 TV Interview and playback with two girls: The Future - Closing Time
21:18 DVD18_12; MP4 436M

Dec. 1992


Danish TV DRTV, interview with Jarl-Friis Mikkelsen, early fragment Anthem, CV Jørgensen (Seems So Long Ago, Nancy), Cohen playback with two girls: The Future 1:05:57 MP4 191M

5 Dec. 1992

The Future

Promotional Video - by Curtis Wehrfritz 5:03 DVD4; MP4 43M


Late Night with David Letterman

The Future - playback 5:46 DVD4; 4:47 PM4 21M YouTube

10 Feb. 1993

CBC Friday Night

Interview by Ralph Benmergui, Closing Time, The Future - playback 33:59 DVD26; MP4 288M

12 Feb. 1993

In Concert

ABC TV - Leonard Cohen introducing Mick Jagger and others" 18:16 MP4 75M YouTube

6 March 1993

JUNO Awards

Toronto - Juno Award for Male Vocalist of the Yeak, Presented by Celine Dion, Closing time
5:46 DVD4; PM4 20M

21 March 1993

The Tonight Show

NBC - Interview by Jay Leno - The Future 5:15 DVD17; MP4 45M

16 Apr. 1993

1993 Tour - VLS

Interviews, 3 songs, Subtitled Finnish, 17:15 DVD5; 316M

Apr. 1993

Waiting For The Miracle

Promotional Video Finland TV by Robert Knight 4:01 MP4 17M Finnish subtitles YouTube

29 Apr. 1993

Arte Channel

French TV Interview, subtitles in French 7:18 DVD18_10; MP4 154M

May 1993

BBC Later with Jools Holland

Democracy, Interview, The Future, Dance Me to the End of Love
TV broadcast; 12:23 DVD7; 27:45 764M MP4

12 May 1993

TV3 Interview at Barcelona Hotel

TV3 Interview at Barcelona Hotel. 01:51; 27M

15 May 1993

Directe a Barcelona

Live concert 6 songs, TV3 C33 43:23 VHS; DVD6; MP4 1231M

15 May 1993

Documental TVE

Closing Time(1), Suzzane(2), Take This Waltz(1), First We Take Mannhatam(1), Chealse Hotel #2(2), Dance To The End Of Love(1) (1)Promotional Videos, (2)Live San Sebastian 1988, subtitled in Spanish 31:19 MP4 493M


The Future

TVE playback with two girls 6:39 MP4 21M


Frankfurt 1993

Live concert, audience video 24 songs 2:39:00; PAL 8mm - nearly complete; DVD10; MP4 1562M

27 May 1993

Austin City Limits 1993

Live concert, Texas, USA, TV studio, 4 songs, 28:10 DVD17; MP4 277M

12 July 1993

Live from Boston

Live concert, Boston, USA, audience video, 4 songs, YouTube > 22:24 MP4 210M

16 July 1993


By Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla in Governor General's Arts Award, 8:18 PM4 28M

26 Nov. 1993

Prime Time News

CBC - Interview with Laurie Brown, Governor General's Arts Award Nov. 26 15:45 MP4 134M

3 Dec. 1993


CBC - Panel with Stephen Scobie - panel discussion broadcast 23:39; DVD26; MP4 203M


Dance Me To The End Of Love

Promotional Video, another video version to promote the Live album, 6:10 DVD4; MP4 43M


Canal + France

Nulle Part Ailleurs Interview with Antoinnes DeCaune, French, 8:55 DVD18_9; MP4 189M

22 Jun. 1994

The Tibetan Book Of The Dead

Buddhism, Canada Film, Narrator Leonard Cohen - Part 1, A Way of Life 47:41 AVI 460M
Part 2, The Great Liberation 45:01 AVI 434M



PBS Poetry reading from The United States of Poetry - The American Dream
2:21 DVD4; MP4 20M

Feb. 1996

I'm Your Man

NFBC - cartoons about the song 4:26 MP4 16M



Interview Los Angeles - More best of LC 10:22 DVD4; MP4 88M

Oct. 1996

Printemps 96

A Portrait by Armelle Brusq, France, film documentary, Mt Baldy Zen Center, Los Angeles.
Primavera del 96, TV3 Catalan subtitles 54:05 DVD 11; AVI 576M - Spring 1996, English DVD11a
Frühjahr 1996 - German subtitles 51:57 AVI 108MB


Stina Meets Leonard Cohen

Stina Meets Leonard Cohen On Mt. Baldy, interview, DABROWSKI TV TV4 AB, Swedish subtitles 43:09 DVD8; MP4 922M YouTube

Sept. 1997

CVT Valerie Pringle

CVT-W5 Interview - Zen, depression, relationships... 14:46 DVD4; MP4 125M YouTube part

Oct. 1997

On the Arts - CBC

On the Arts with Lauire Brown, interview, Mt. Baldy, broadcast Nov.20, 8:44 DVD26; MP4 74M

Nov. 1997

In My Secret Life

Promotional Video by Floria Sigismondi, 4:24 DVD4; MP4 37M


Ten New Songs Promotional

Promotional Interview 17:04 DVD4; MP4 145M


Stina Om Leonard Cohen

Stina with Leonard Cohen, Stina Lundberg Produktion (Scadinavia) - English
47:33 DVD6; MP4 1016M YouTube part 1 of 3 YouTube part 2 of 3 YouTube part 3 of 3


The Canadian Order Ceremony

Governor General Adrienne Clarkson 1:05; DVD4; MP4 10M

24 Oct. 2003

What Leonard Cohen Did For Me

Documentary by Martine Hall BBC4 - Nick Cave, Ian McCulloch, Rufus Wainwright, Arthur Smith, Kathryn Williams, Paul Morley 29:01 MPG 789M


The L Word

TV serie - Jenny & Marina - soundtrack In My Secret Life 04:53 MOV 34M


Because of

Promotional Video by Lorca Cohen 03:09 DVD4; MP4 27M


Tower of Song with U2

For the film documentary by Lian Lunson I'm Your Man

19 May 2005

Picnic in the Park

Shooting The Breeze With Leonard Cohen and Phil Tétrault 09:29 MP4 67M


Songwriters Hall Of Fame

CBC, Rufus Wainwright - Willie Nelson - Adrienne Clarkson - Leonard Cohen - k.d. lang
31:03 DVD12; MP4 664M

5 Feb. 2006

Anjani - Blue Alert

The making of Blue Alert a short film by Lian Lunson 10:50, The Mist (music video) 03:20, Thanks For The Dance (music video) 04:50; =19:00; DVD19; 381M PM4


Live at Indigo

Leonard Cohen and Anjani Thomas Audience Video 10:46 MP4 109MB

13 May 2006

Mote med Leonard Cohen

Interview by Helle Vaagland, NRK1, kitchen in Montreal, Book of Longing 29:08 DVD16_3; MP4 247M

25 Sept 2006

Miradas 2

Magazine: Book of Longing, TVE2, Spanish 02:27 DVD23; WMV 39M

13 Nov. 2006

Dellibres TV3

Panel discussion broadcast by Viçens Villatoro - Book of Longing 25:45 DVD23; WMV 412M

16 Dec. 2006

The first and the last

Leonard Cohen, Anjani Thomas and Al Gore interview - Thanks for the dance - NRK Norwegian TV 17:13 DVD20; MP4 369M In Forum LC Files

30 Mar. 2007

Under Review

Leonard Cohen - 1934 - 1977 "An independent critical analysis" documentary 
1:26:59 DVD13; MP4 1.320M In Forum LC Files


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ceremony: Lou Reed, Cohen, Damien Rice (Hallelujah) 10:38 MP4 29M YouTube

10 March 2008

Copenhagen 2008

Live concert, audience incomplete 9 songs, photos concert and meet-up. By HarryO My Memory
DVD21 > 48:20 MP4 134M

5 July 2008

Live in London 2008

Live concert, official DVD 2:39:00

17 July 2008

Benicàssim 2008

TV News Telenoticies TV3, Catalan 01:56 WMV 13M

20 July 2008

Live at Brighton 2008

Live concert, video audience complete 2:30:00 DVD27 (individual case) DVD out of order!!!

28 Nov. 2008

Madrid 2009

Live concert, video audience incomplete by Juan Luís Corcobado 2:40:00 DVD > MP4 1.077M

12 Sept 2009

Barcelona 2009

TV News Telenoticies TV3, Alberto Manzano, Catalan 03:07 WMV 51M

21 Sept 2009


Interview by Jian Ghomeshi, LC home in Montreal 42:02 MP4 431M YouTube


Prince of Asturias Letters Award

Acceptance speech, Spanish subtitles 11:30 MP4 57M

21 Oct. 2011

Show Me the Place

Promotional Video - Sony Music - Lyric video 04:10 MP4 47M YouTube


Live in Gent 2012

Live concert 12 Aug. video audience complete by Betty Vercauteren 3:13:53 MP4 1.070M YouTube

18 Aug. 2012

I Tried To Leave You

And a tribute to Jarkko - Helsinki, Finland - by Wirebirds 9:21 MP4 47M YouTube

2 Sept 2012

Live in Barcelona 2012

Live concert, video audiencie YouTube, various sources 2:45:49 MP4 1.913M

2 Oct. 2012

Live In Dublin 2013

Concert O2 Arena, oficial DVD 03:09:50

12 Sept 2013

Rare Songs videos 2008-2013

Lullaby - The Darkness - Feels So Good - Born in Chains My Oh My - I've got a little secret
Live concert, source YouTube 1:48:22 MP4 737M


Almost Like the Blues

Promotional Video - Sony Music - Lyric video 03:27 MP4 10M YouTube


Did I Ever Love You

Promotional Video - Sony Music - Lyric video 04:13 MP4 13M YouTube


TV3 Telenotícies Migdia

"Avui ens ha deixat Leonard Cohen" 6:23 MP4 149M YouTube

9 Nov. 2016

Steer Your Way

by Martin Ferrabee 10:42 MP4 57M YouTube


Leaving the Table

by Christopher Mills - Sony Music 03:47 MP4 42M YouTube


Traveling Light

by Adam Cohen and Sammy Slabbinck 04:58 MP4 43M YouTube


Leonard Cohen Mural Montreal

Leonard Cohen Mural Montreall 01:16 MP4 3M


A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen

CBC news - Saying goodbye to Leonard Cohen 03:26 MP4 25M

6 Nov. 2017

A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen memorial video from Tower Of Song, Documentary by Jack Bender
1:28:28 MP4 251M vimeo

6 Nov. 2017

Thanks to Diamonds in the Mine - Celebrating the film and television recordings of Leonard Cohen