Copenhaguen 2008

The last meeting: Copenhagen, 5 July 2008

(edited in November 2009: No, it was not the last.)

Leonard Cohen has embarked on a long and successful tour. For me it has been a great and pleasant surprise. We went to see him to Copenhagen, a magnificent concert even somewhat uncomfortable. When we came back I wrote this chronicle in LC Files forum:

I have my complaint, four hours standing up is a torture and something must say the Declaration of Human Rights on this. Before I was afraid about it but at the end I'm amazed. A good affair for the business but not for the fans. We were dancing from 4 a.m. for the plane. The Cohenithes we keep the spirit forever young but not so much the body. For sure the situation was not comfortable at all from the proud Rusty Circle, because there were classes, it's possible in the plain, but the plain had a light slope up towards the stage and it's not the best situation. In addition the modern Vikings continue very tall for us, now they are a polite and charming people. Always we could be on tiptoe. In spite of this the concert was so extraordinary and the sacrifice worthwhile, also for my dear support to which I want to be grateful for all the effort, she enjoyed the gig and the previous meeting too.

We have tickets for Joan Baez's concert in el Palau de La Música, for me the most beautiful modernist building of Barcelona, for July 28, in the third row and centered, where Cohen sang in 1974. Can you imagine it with Cohen? And we were exiled in the castle's field of Copenhagen in the far circle, without seats.

Well the ovation for Leonard Cohen was with the audience standing up, obviously. I was observing astonished that multitude, we had a blessed smile, how Catherine Tekakwitha, how illuminated in front of our god. We were balancing from a leg to the other one in tune with the music, probably to rest the afflicted feet, I remembered the Breavman's dance the "Bunny Hoop". Not even a complaint, we were happy martyrs.

The Rosenborg Castle is a beautiful Renaissance building without too much military aspect if we manage to avoid the vision of the soldiers. Some of them look as a lovely The Steadfast Tin Soldier of Hans Christian Andersen's, others exhibit modern clothes of combat, dressed to kill, everybody shows a terrible automatic rifle. I don't know if an AK49, for sure a powerful and terrifying weapon of war. Boy, take care with this machine! Awful! Maybe Cohen saw them or he reminded the traditional pacifist position of the Nordic countries, anyway in Anthem's introduction, an unusual song hopefully of Cohen, was an allegation for the peace. Maybe the report "The dreamer has found peace", posted by Jarkko speaks about it, (or is about The Traitor or the peaceful farewell). The deficient recording that I took the laughs of my neighbor and my damned comprehension of the English prevents me to reproduce it. He spoke about seeing us how a great regiment a battalion, of peace opposite to a world of killers and disorder, in the other hand satirized with the time that he takes out of the stages. I will be grateful if someone can remember it, it seemed to me to be very interesting, funny (seeing the neighbor) and an unheard presentation. The song was wonderful. In its time I did not understand Anthem (in fact I tried to pass of the meaning of The Future album, at all), this day the Anthem lyrics were write in my T-shirt. It was seeing the DVD of the NYC event when Perla and Julie sang it I realized its beauty and deep meaning. At the end Ronny said to me that it couldn't be better. Yes, for Leonard, the band and the atmosphere of the people... but the comfort could be better.

The photos are not too bad, without flash and trying to jump over the heads.

DVD & Audio set list

The Webb Sisters, Sharon Robinson at the back Neil Larsen keyboard

Roscoe Beck, Rafael Gayol and Leonard Cohen

Bob Metzger, Javier Mas and Dino Soldo

Where is Leonard?

I jumped so high than he saw me, here is the exact moment, he is looking to me

Du du Danda dan dan da.

Roscoe Beck and Leonard Cohen

Farewell - Copenhaguen 2008

Antoni Molist, ForYourSmile, Barcelona, July 2008