Barcelona 1988

Barcelona, 24th May 1988

I'm Your Man tour came to Barcelona. Three months earlier, Leonard Cohen had published the album maybe the most popular of his career, with master songs that captivated new and younger fans, the veterans were somewhat astonished.

Leonard seemed happy with these sunglasses and the banana in the album cover. Promoting it on Spanish TV with two girls in playback First We Take Manhattan, Take This Waltz and Ain't No Cure For Love, with static and serious look, they seemed very funny.

Again at the Palau d'Esports with 8.000 spectators.

(The journalist who wrote this article went to another concert).

The band:
Bob Metzger, guitar, steel guitar
Bob Furgo, keyboards, violin
John Bilezikjian, oud, mandolin
Tom McMorran, keyboards
Steve Zirkel, bass, keyboards, trumpet
Steve Meador, drums
Perla Batalla, vocals
Julie Christensen, vocals

He kept Bilezikjian and presented to Metzger and the unforgettable Julie and Perla.

Setlist, incomplete.

The started with Dance Me To The End Of Love, it became the classic way to start the liturgy of all the future tours.

Leonard thanked the attendance at the concert, knowing that at in that time was playing one Barça basketball game. Although he expected a Barça victory, win or lose; Ain't No Cure For Love.

The concert lasted two hours and my recorder one-thirty. One unforgettable show.

This time Perla Batalla was his translator into Spanish. Leonard is not so stupid, because he has a beautiful woman to speak for him.