Barcelona 2012

"Te quiero te quiero te quiero" LC - Take This Waltz: Barcelona, 3th October 2012

Maybe he looked a little older that the last time, three years ago, but at the same time he looked more vital and healthy, as a fit sportsman living in a suit, I'm very glad. I went to see from the distance, looking from a far prospect, and again I fell in love. I was right; since my early teens I have followed this man and I know it's not an uncontrolled obsession, he is part of myself.

I wasn't alone, again around me nearly 12,000 souls, deeply touched, in mystical union with Leonard Cohen. It always amazes me that so many people, so many beautiful people. All along the watchtower, spying the most ardent fans through binoculars.

Palau Sant Jordi, the same inadequate and cold place, too big, with huge gaps and the men in black trying to keep "the order". With Dance the atmosphere already was warmed. The show is known and effective evolved to the most high level, absolute great. Although we lost I Tried to Leave You.

This early morning I drove out of Barcelona, dawn over the sea and suddenly, on Catalunya Radio, which at this time only broadcasted news, bad news from mediocre politicians, Alexandra Leaving sounded, complete, very strange, it finished just with the 8 o'clock signals. For sure, we have one infiltrated there, one beautiful loser, be blessed. It's not a happy song, in my opinion speaks of a farewell of a loved one. I thought of my father and I remember Cohen, hat in hand listening his co writer Sharon Robinson. It's exactly the LC style and elegance, exquisite music, lifts me, fills me with spirituality, beauty and poetry, thanks.

Antoni Molist, ForYourSmile, Barcelona, 4th October 2012.

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