Barcelona 2009

The gift of his 75th birthday: Barcelona, 21 September 2009

I wonder how many people in this city

live in furnished rooms.

Late at night when I look out at the buildings

I swear I see a face in every window

looking back at me

and when I turn away

I wonder how many go back to their desks

and write this down.

Leonard Cohen 75th Birthday Tribute Concert

Concert Set List

The concert in LC Files forum

Living the same emotion and share my feelings with so many people in my town was evoked me once again the surprise than I recognise from the other concerts, and now even more intense. I wondered: Is it possible that we have so many like as me? ¿Would I prefer my beloved poet died outside a damn hungry? Is a concert built and evolved in order to like all these people? Should forced my intimate relationship with Cohen to be shared with a crowd? Yes, all this for a moment going through my head, really these questions didn't distress me just were an amusing irony.

Leonard Cohen seemed happy in his 75th anniversary concert, though he and some band members have survived the digestive problems that they drag from Valencia. That sounded great; "yes, every single breath that we drew was Hallelujah". The more than 14,000 people were enjoying or "llorando como beatas" (crying as female blesseds), as Javier Sabina said a month later in Catalunya Radio. I seemed to live a dream; our green candles lighting to Suzanne, the words of thanks at the end of the concert for Jarkko's forum members and the memories of the fantastic time shared with all these beautiful people in the previous activities.

albertnoonan: "The Audience break into a spontaneous Happy Birthday. It follows with the start of Dance me to the end of love..."

messalina79: "You can see the 'thin green candles' lit by the members of the Leonard Cohen Forum. Apols for erratic camera, I was excited!"

Whither Thou Goest, albertnoonan: "Leonard Cohen ends Barcelona 2009 concert by thanking those who support him including members of the Leonard Cohen forum"

The day after in TV3 news, interview with Alberto Manzano.

Antoni Molist, ForYourSmile, Barcelona, November 2009