Barcelona 21 September 2004

Tribute Concert 70th Anniversary Leonard Cohen

21 Sept 2004, London Bar Barcelona

01 Hallellujah - Ciscu Montaner

Jorcx plays Cohen

02 Susanna (Suzanne)
03 Prendrem primer Manhattan (First we take Manhattan)
04 Esperant el miracle (Waiting for the miracle)
05 Un dels dos no s’equivoca (One of us cannot be wrong)
06 Ja ho sabem tots (Everybody knows)
07 Germanes de la caritat (Sisters of Mercy)
08 El famós abric blau (Famous Blue Raincoat)
09 Adéu, Marianne (So Long, Marianne)
10 Chelsea Hotel #2
11 Petit vals vienès (Take this Waltz)
12 Com un ocell (Bird on the Wire)

13 El que no era - Antonio Vela

14 Al·leluia (Hallellujah) - Jordi Bastiste (Jeff Buckley version)

15 Lady Midnight - Cohen

Jordi Calmet, Jorcx, gave us this memorable concert. It was also his tribute to our beloved Leonard.

The history of the gestation of this project LC Files

And emotions

The idea and the organization was of Jorcx. I would also like to remind other new friends as Antonio, Chema and Simon (resident in Alicante) and the participation of Ciscu, Jordi Batiste (a consecrated musician) and one unexpected Cohen of Israel.

The tape recording was made near the stage. The sound is very bad just valid as for personal memories.

Cheers Leonard!

Ciscu, and every breath we drew was Hallelujah, a personal and interesting version.

Jorcx en acció.

Antonio, Tonyo reciting a selection of short poems with his peculiar sense of humor, who said that Cohen is sad? Some of The Energy of Slaves

Jordi Batiste, slow and deep Hallellujah.

The surprise, one guest who went we don't know where, gave us a powerful Lady Midnight. Thanks and regards for the family.

Els artistes: Ciscu Muntaner, Jorcx, Jordi Batiste, "Cohen" and Antonio Vela.

Four members of Leonard Cohen Files: simonelimone, jorcx, foryoursmile and tonyo.