Bird On A Wire 1972

Leonard Cohen

Bird On A Wire

1972 Tour March/April

Documentary film by Tony Palmer filmed during the 1972 tour. Shot in Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen and Israel.

Released 1974 84:30 - DVD1 - MP4 1,3G

Remastered (VOSC - sub. Catalan) 2010 105:24 - MP4 1077M

The Music crept by us (poem)
Bird On The Wire
You Know Who I Am
Seems so Long Ago Nancy
Sister of Mercy
Famous Blue Raincoat
One of Us Cannot Be Wrong
The Partisan
Tonight Will Be Fine
Passing Through
How We Used To Approach
The Book of Changes: 1966 (Poem)
Chelsea Hotel
Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye
So Long Marianne

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