Royal Albert Hall 1970

Leonard Cohen

Royal Albert Hall, London, 10 May 1970

source: audience, 85 minutes
mp3, this is a very poor quality, but the only full concert record of this short early tour.

1st set:
01 Bird on the Wire
02 So Long, Marianne
03 You Know Who I Am
04 Dead Song (Poem)
05 Lady Midnight
06 One of Us Cannot Be Wrong
07 The Stranger Song
08 For E.J.P. (poem)
09 Avalanche (solo)
10 Joan of Arc
11 Tonight Will Be Fine

2n set:
12 The Partisan
13 Sisters of Mercy
14 Diamonds in the Mine
15 Story of Isaac
16 Famous Blue Raincoat
17 Sing Another Song, Boys
18 Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
19 Suzanne

Please Don't Pass Me By (Live Songs)

Band 1970